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Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has become a leading content management system, used by millions of websites worldwide. WordPress makes it easy to develop original, eye-catching content and user interfaces, no matter what style of website you’re interested in.

Our team of website development experts creates visually stunning, powerful websites for a wide range of industries. Although each site is tailored to your requirements, we always focus on providing an excellent user experience, both back-end and front-end.

Key WordPress features we deliver:

WordPress hosting

Our affordable servers are specifically configured to deliver WordPress sites with optimum speed, performance and security.

Development & content creation

Whether you require a brand new website or want to enhance an existing one, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results from concept to execution.

Responsive design

With the majority of visitors using mobile devices, responsiveness has become a must. It equals more traffic, lower bounce rates and better conversions.


We use WooCommerce to turn your website into a fully-fledged ecommerce platform with multiple payment options for speedy transactions. Ka-ching!

Search engine optimization (SEO)

In addition to a range of SEO plugins that enhance your digital presence, we offer on-page and technical SEO services to boost your search engine visibility.

Custom content types

Pages and posts are the default WordPress content types, but sometimes more flexibility is required. That’s where we come in.

Custom functionality

WordPress is highly customisable and we have endless options for bringing your vision to life. That’s the true beauty of WordPress.

Performance optimisation

Subpar performance is simply not acceptable. We go the extra mile to optimise metrics such as Time to First Byte (TTFB) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

Benefits of WordPress CMS:

Ready-to-use plugins

WordPress is large community and there are thousands of free and premium plugins that extend its core functionality.

Low maintenance

It is easy to update and maintain WordPress even if you’re not a technical expert. No need to hire a developer to add or update text!

Scalability and flexibility

As your business evolves, your WordPress website can grow and adapt, easily accommodating changes, new pages or features.

User-friendly interface

WordPress offers an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that allows you to publish content and manage users effortlessly.

Customisation capabilities

Because the core code of WordPress is completely modifiable, our experts can create something completely unique for your brand.


WordPress is built with SEO in mind. It has clean code and several plugins that can further improve your site’s visibility in search results.

The websites you can build with WordPress

WordPress is a versatile platform that can be used to build various types of websites. Some common examples include:

Blogs: WordPress originated as a blogging platform and remains a popular choice for bloggers. It offers a range of themes and plugins specifically designed for creating and managing blog content.
Business websites: WordPress is an excellent option for small businesses, startups, and even larger enterprises. It provides customizable templates and plugins that can showcase products or services, display company information, and incorporate features like contact forms, testimonials, and portfolios.
E-commerce stores: With the help of plugins like WooCommerce, WordPress can power robust e-commerce websites. It offers features such as product listings, shopping carts, secure payment gateways, inventory management, and order tracking.
Portfolios: Artists, photographers, designers, and other creative professionals can use WordPress to showcase their work in visually appealing portfolios. Themes and plugins cater specifically to portfolio websites, allowing users to highlight their projects and achievements.
Membership websites: WordPress can be used to create social networking or community-based websites. There are popular plugins that enable the development of interactive forums, member profiles, messaging systems, and activity feeds.
News and magazine websites: Publishers can leverage WordPress to build news portals, online magazines, or content-rich websites. Its content management features, combined with customizable themes, make it suitable for organizing and presenting articles, images, videos, and other media.
Nonprofit and charity websites: WordPress easily caters to the needs of nonprofit organizations. Features such as donation forms, event calendars, volunteer management, and storytelling elements help raise awareness and support for causes.

For any kind of WordPress assistance, simply get in touch and we’ll offer innovative solutions and strategies for a successful website.


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